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Little Witch Nobeta - Standard Edition - PS4™

Little Witch Nobeta - Standard Edition - PS4™

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About Little Witch Nobeta
The little witch Nobeta came to an ancient castle
to solve the mystery of where she hails from.

After meeting a mysterious black cat,
she will learn many magical spells and abilities
which will prepare her for the dangers that lie ahead.

Game Details: 

Title: Little Witch Nobeta  PS4™
Genre: 3rd person action shooter
Text language: English
Number of Players: 1
Release Date: 7th March 2023

What secrets are hidden in the depths of the weathered castle?

©2023 Pupuya Games/SimonCreative/Justdan All rights reserved. Licensed to Justdan International Co., Ltd., Idea Factory International, Inc. and published by Reef Entertainment.
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