Trading Cards

Neptune has entered the Card Collecting dimension!
IFI's EU Online Store will ship a new trading card design with every order placed from the 1st of each month, while stocks last.
We'll let you know if the card runs out, plus there will be cards that are eligible for specific game purchases only. Visit the FAQ for information on the Trading Card system.
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Current Card

Haunted HaLOWEEn
"Trick or Treat!"
Husbando Idols
"Don't forget about me!"
Under The Sun
"Isn't it neat?"
Four Ninja Sisters
"The ninja candidates have to help out!"
Four Ninjas
"Let the mini ninja war begin!"
Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars - Nintendo Switch™ - Limited Edition
The Bubble Den
"For a short time, we’ll take it easy"
Fool's Dimension
"PC release when?"
CPU Candidates #3 + #4
"Let's doodle again, okay?"
Death End; Request 2 - Calendar Edition
Dream Team
"Right there is so comfortable..."
CPU Candidate #2
"Out of all of the things to name this cat..."
A Peachy Start
"Be like water and the floating peach"
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