Trading Card Archive - 2021

Neptune has entered the Card Collecting dimension!
IFI's EU Online Store will ship a new trading card design with every order placed from the 1st of each month, while stocks last.
We'll let you know if the card runs out, plus there will be cards that are eligible for specific game purchases only. Visit the FAQ for information on the Trading Card system.
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Cozy Kotastu
"Ahh, nothing like a post-pudding nap..."
Cupid Parasite - Limited Edition
Suited for Love
"Hear those Wedding Bells?"
A Time to Feast
"Gather 'Round, Youngsters!'"
Compa Style Ninjas
"See the Power of a Goddess!"
Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars - Limited Edition
Honeypa Shinobi
"See the Power of Marveland!"
Mary Skelter Finale - Limited Edition
Just Beachy
"Cool down with us!"
Nurse's Orders
"Show us where it hurts."
A Sweet Tale
"Life here isn't so bad..."
My Bigger Self
"Wow, I really am somethin', huh?"
IFI Summer Event
"The sparks are really flying"
Neptunia ReVerse - Limited Edition
Noire's Boudoir
"...Just mumbling something embarrassing..."
"Never fear, two Neps are here!"
An Unwinnable Situation
"I've scheduled your punishment..."
The Unruly Fate
"B-But... I'm embarrassed..."
CPU Candidate #1
"We're gonna be together forever!"
Neptunia Virtual Stars - Limited Edition
Idol at the Beach
"Alright, let's keep this energy up!"
Sakura Noire
"How do I look?"
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Commander's Calendar Edition
Ready, Commander?
"Do you wish to do this or that with me?"
The Last Snow Day
"A Snowgeardam?! Snow way!"
New Game Start
"Let's Nep it Up, Baby!"
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