DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation - PS4 - Limited Edition

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A brand new character named Rio appears, who calls Shido “Papa” and is searching for the “most important thing.”

After having escaped nearly being trapped in a virtual reality, Shido is afflicted by a strange feeling. A disturbance in the world in which he lives. Someone is out there… He cannot shake the helpless, uncomfortable feeling. This strange feeling persists… A new paradise. A girl who has the same last name as Rinne – Rio Sonogami. The girl, along with Marina… for the sake of everyone’s happiness, they wander in search of “the most important thing.”

Key Features

    • Choose Your Date and Find a Date - Immerse yourself in the world of DATE A LIVE, where Shido has the option to pick from 11 characters and over 150 dating events! Need a break from dating? Get to know the Rio Reincarnation exclusive character, Rio Sonogami, and even talk with 10 other sub-characters for additional story elements!

    • Find Your Route to Love - The choices you make with each girl can affect Shido’s overall destiny! If Shido plays his cards right, he can find the true ending of his favourite girl!

    •  Light Novels Never-Before-Localized - DATE A LIVE fans and readers can rejoice as the three light novels: Rinne’s Bathtime, Arusu’s Quest, and Rio Reunion are now localized in English! Each story also includes several rough sketches and goofy comic strips!

    • There's More Where that Came From - Two previous entries in the DATE A LIVE series that were only available on the PlayStation®3, Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install, will be included in Rio Reincarnation! Re-experience the ending of your date’s route in Rinne Utopia and Arusa Install, and experience new date endings and Event CGs in Rio Reincarnation!

DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation for the PlayStation®4 system

  • PS4 Standard Edition
  • Steel Game Case
  • Hardcover Art Book
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Body Pillow Case (Double-sided)
  • Collector's Box 
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Bonus Digital Art book


"DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Steel Game Case

The DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Steel Game Case is formed with metal so strong that not even a spacequake can harm it*!

Size: 7.5"" x 5.12"" x .63""
Material: Tinplate

*Resistance to damage subject to Spirit's strength."
"DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Art Book

Increase your chance of romance by getting all the details on your favourite Spirits in this hardcover art book. Includes character bios, sketches, and comics, and three light novels (one for each DATE A LIVE game) that have never before been published in English!

This art book contains spoilers.

Size: 6.3"" x 7.9""
Pages: 63"
"DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Official Soundtrack

Get in the mood for love with the DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Official Soundtrack! With 27 tracks, you can relive some of your favourite moments from the games.

Tracks: 27"
"DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Body Pillow Case

Get comfy with the two-sided DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation Body Pillow Case, featuring the winner of our character poll, Kurumi Tokisaki! Just make sure you stay on her good side, or else you'll see why she's called ""The Worst Spirit"".

*Body Pillow not included

Size: 55.12"" x 19.69""
Material: Polyester"
"Reversible Cover Sleeve

Just like the Spirits, this Cover Sleeve has a secret - it can be reversed to see the original Japanese Limited Edition art!  "
"Collector's Box

Hide your love away in this Collector's Box, and see why this Limited Edition is the total package!

Size: 6.9"" x 8.3"" x 1.8"" "

Genre: Visual Novel

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Publisher: (Video game) Idea Factory International, Inc. 
Copyright of the game: ©2013 Koushi Tachibana,Tsunako/Fujimishobo/Date A Live Partners ©2014 Koushi Tachibana,Tsunako/PUBLISHED BY KADOKAWA Fujimishobo/Date A Live II Partners ©2019 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART / STING All rights reserved. Licensed to Idea Factory International, Inc. and published by Reef Entertainment