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Arc of Alchemist - PS4 - Standard Edition

Arc of Alchemist - PS4 - Standard Edition

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Four Orbs to Rule Them All 
Unleash the power of the Lunagear and control the Orb elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Take advantage of your enemies' elemental weaknesses and even combine any of the four elements for stronger attacks!
Hack n' Slasher Flicks - With a myriad of weapons, actions, skills and elemental attacks to customize, players can find different strategies to defeat their robotic nemesis!
Now Let's Get In Formation - Fight alongside Quinn and your two party members as they explore the endless desert, filled with ancient, robotic foes. Each character has specific roles and arranging your formation is key! Ace of Bases - Build your base and choose facilities to upgrade your party's needs! Equip your allies with a flurry of weapons and input their action commands to your strategic liking!

Game Details
Release date: 31st January 2020
Platform: PlayStation®4
Genre: Tactical Action RPG
Voiceover Options: Japanese
Language Format: English
Players: 1
Publisher: Idea Factory International, Inc.
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