Death end re; Quest™ 2 is coming Westward for PS4 in 2020!

Posted on February 20, 2020

Death end re;Quest 2 coming to Europe in 2020
We are happy to announce that Death end re; Quest™ 2 is set to arrive for the PlayStation®4 in North America and Europe in 2020! In collaboration with the scenario writer of the Corpse Party series, Makoto Kedouin, and the character designer of Death end re;Quest™, Kei Nanameda, Death end re;Quest™ 2 is a sequel that asks the question: What happens when reality is consumed by darkness? 
Death end re;Quest 2 coming to Europe in 2020
In this the upcoming horror RPG, Mai Toyama seeks an escape from her traumatic past. She becomes enrolled at Wordsworth, an all-girl’s dormitory situated in the small, mountainous town known as Le Choara where it was rumored that her sister, Sanae , was last seen. Hopeful, Mai seeks to find her kin, but she soon finds terrifying inhabitants which lurk throughout the town after dark. At night, Le Choara’s streets are filled with Shadow Matter —a horrific group of menacing creatures. Around every cobblestone corner, Mai discovers that her hope finding her sister lies beneath the long-buried secrets which haunt Le Choara.

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Meet Rodney, Lexington, and 3 more ship girls from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Posted on February 14, 2020

In today's Azur Lane: Crosswave update, we are introducing the last 5 remaining support characters!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Mikasa


One the oldest members of the Sakura Empire who is also known as "Elder" and "Lady Mikasa." She made many achievements during years of strife, and helped make the Sakura Empire what it is today. She has retired herself from the nation's duties, but her influence still remains, and she will, at times, offer guidance to her juniors as well as jump into any interesting conversations she overhears. She is acting as support during the Joint Military Exercise, but she is dragged into a certain unexpected incident there.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - U-81


The Iron Blood's energetic and rambunctious submarine. She loves to play tag and acts like a child, but her prowess in battle has brought her along to many missions. She joins the Joint Military Exercise with mixed feelings. On one hand, she's worried she won't be able to play like she usually does. On the other hand, she's hoping that she'll find friends who will join her in her game of tag. A certain someone has asked U-81 to buy something, but it looks like she forgot about it already.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Yorktown


A very kind and gentle lady. As Enterprise's older sister, she holds an incredible power, but she doesn't take on many missions as she would rather watch her juniors grow from them. She decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support so that she can get a chance to see her siblings participate in this large-scale event. But, she's also attending as a member of the Eagle Union so that if something dire happens, she would be ready for battle.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Lexington


The older sister of the Lexington sisters who are actively performing as idols. She's referred to as an "older sis" idol who has the smarts and a soft and gentle aura about her. Her younger sister, Saratoga, is a few steps behind her in talent, but Lexington sees promise within Saratoga to become a star as they work towards spreading their names within Eagle Union. Lexington is acting as support this time and cheering everybody on while keeping a watchful eye on Saratoga.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Rodney


A Royal Navy member with a gentle and endearing demeanor. In reality, she's a very intelligent part of the Big Seven. She abides by the code of honor as a noble, but also enjoys engaging in duels. She's defeated Bismarck in one of these battles before. She is very powerful, but views friendship being just as important as attaining victories. Because of this, she desires to one day have a chance of befriending many from other nations, such as Bismarck. As luck would have it, her opportunity to meet old friends would come true as she decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support.


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Introducing 5 support characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Posted on February 12, 2020

With a little over a week left until the launch of the 3D action shooter, Azur Lane: Crosswave, we're excited to share a couple more updates, including 5 support characters!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Hammann


Eagle Union's No. 4 Sims-class who accents her maid-like attire with a white, furry headband. She is almost never honest with her feelings, and complimenting her will lead to the most tsundere reaction one can ever expect. Trying to blush more than her is quite a feat, actually. She's hesitantly participating only as support for the Joint Military Exercise, but she is hoping she can make new friends there.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Haruna


Kongou's younger sister. Unlike her sister, who was raised at the Royal Navy, she was raised at the Sakura Empire, and longs to be as graceful and refined as Kongou. Then again, Haruna is often found solving problems with her fists, and her wild side makes it difficult to attain this grace she so longs for. She is working apart from Kongou at the Joint Military Exercise. What she will experience there is yet to be told.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Prince of Wales


Prince of Wales

A key member of Royal Navy who exudes grace and elegance coupled with the charisma of those within the royal family. She dresses well and is currently residing at Sakura Empire along with Hood in place of Queen Elizabeth and Warspite. She doesn't brag about her vessel's history, and puts her full effort into supporting the Joint Military Exercise in the name of the Royal Navy. She has a keen interest in seeing the performance and fine dining at the event.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Helena



Helena is St. Louis' younger sister, and excels in offering support, which comes from her self-sacrificing nature. When she first joined, she wasn't very confident about herself, but her proficiency with using SG radars brought results, which led to many relying on her for help. It's no surprise that she's participating in the Joint Military Exercise as support. She is looking forward to the event, and is also hoping to get a chance to be with her older sister and members from the other nations.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Hornet



Enterprise's younger sister gives off a brazen appearance but she's hardworking at heart. Having someone as great as Enterprise as a sister does makes things a bit difficult for Hornet, but she is constantly working to make herself great so that she can accomplish greater goals. She does take after her sister in the form of leadership, and has a lot of friends to boot. She decides to visit the Sakura Empire to cheer for everyone who is participating in the Joint Military Exercise.

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Learn more about the Battle Mechanics in Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Posted on February 10, 2020

Today's update takes an in-depth look into the Battle Mechanics of the game and how certain characters can change up how the battles will play out.

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Battle Mechanics

Controlling Your Fleet:
Each character has unique characteristics that can impact a player's gameplay. Players will notice that some characters move faster than others and some may have the ability to create a shield. You can also switch between playable characters on the battlefield by using the directional buttons. It is recommended to try out a variety of characters to find what type of fleet works best for you!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Battle Mechanics

Playable characters can have up to two weapons or "armaments" equipped. Types of armaments will vary depending on which character is being equipped. Some characters will have longer reload times for their armaments, so players will need to be conscious about how often they fire during a battle.

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Battle Mechanics

Aircraft Carriers:
Aircraft carrier-class characters can equip 3 different types of planes or "aircraft": Fighters, Bombers, and Attackers. Depending on which aircraft is used, players will either have to manually deploy these planes or they will be sent out automatically. Each type of aircraft has its own strengths and weaknesses. So choose wisely!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Battle Mechanics

Lock-On Attacks:
When a character's Lock-On gauge is maxed, players can unleash a powerful attack that will target all enemies within the lock-on range. These are extremely useful when you find yourself in a pinch.

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Battle Mechanics

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Take the High Seas in Story Mode + Pose Your Favourite Kansen in Azur Lane: Crosswave

Posted on February 08, 2020

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Bismarck - Story Mode - CGs
Today, we would like to share some of the Story and Photo Mode screenshots with you that showcase two of the four modes that Commanders can explore in Azur Lane: Crosswave.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - World Map - Story Mode

In Story Mode, Commanders can take the high seas through the lens of two Azur Lane newcomers, Shimakaze and Suruga. Here, Commanders can battle, find hidden treasures, and unlock CGs through special event areas!
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Prinz Eugen & Z23 - Story Mode - CGs

In Photo Mode, Commanders can choose 3 of the 29+ characters to pose for the camera. Pick from a variety of backgrounds and pose your favourite characters just the way you like it. Change their facial expressions and poses with premade templates that will create a memory that will last for a lifetime! Photo Mode also features two unexpected characters that you can also pose!
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Unicorn & Long Island - Photo Mode
Preorders for the Limited Edition of the game are still available at our online store, click the image below to get your copy:

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Meet 6 New Characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Posted on February 05, 2020

Meet six support characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave in today's blog post! We are introducing Sakura Empire's Shiranui, Souryuu, Hamakaze, Downes from Eagle Union, Norfolk from Royal Navy, and Dragon Empery's Ning Hai!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Shiranui


A member of the Sakura Empire who sells various armaments and items. Her ability to sell items and generally conduct business often places her at odds with Akashi, but they do get along. Shiranui has an eerie, ghostly aura, but she is quite compassionate, and is always thinking of others. She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise by selling items to all the attendees.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Souryuu


A member of the Sakura Empire who supports Akagi and Kaga. No one equals her in terms of handling operations. She enjoys playing hanafuda and has a good sense of humor, but her serious nature often works against her and causes her to be worried all the time. She was on a vacation with her younger sisters and friends, but upon hearing that Akagi was holding the Joint Military Exercise, she packed her bags and headed right back to the Sakura Empire to attend.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Downes


A very energetic member of Eagle Union who has a taste for explosions. Anything she does is always at full force, and her words bring energy to those around her. She is aware of her vessel's history, which doesn't sit well with her, but she does her best to be the catalyst to all those around her. She seems to have found a new pastime which she indulges in during the Joint Military Exercise.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Ning Hai

Ning Hai

A member of the Dragon Empery and older sister to Ping Hai. She places others first before thinking about herself. Her vessel's history seems to have made her a bit frugal, and despite not being a person in need, she insists on cutting costs whenever possible. Watching Ning Hai's frugal ways have made Ping Hai aware of spending and becoming courteous... or, at least that's what Ning Hai hopes Ping Hai will be in the distant future. Ning Hai saw the Joint Military Exercise as a valuable opportunity for Ping Hai to experience, so she sends Ping Hai instead of participating herself.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Norfolk


A timid and shy Royal Navy heavy cruiser. She possesses the powers of the vessel she represents, but her personality is holding her back as she constantly hides her face with her red hood every time she's stressed or in trouble. She's also slightly disturbed by her younger sister who treats her like some goddess. She makes a brave decision to join... no, support the Joint Military Exercise, but even then she's feeling a lot of pressure.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Hamakaze


Sakura Empire's Kagerou-class destroyer. She is always trying to become better, and is more of a hard-worker than a genius. She studies everything she can from magazines and books, but always makes time to associate with friends with a bright and energetic smile. She is supporting the Joint Military Exercise handling drab and dull jobs such as directing traffic. Then again, as long as Hamakaze is there, it's safe to say there should be no major accidents.



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Introducing Long Island, two Sirens and other ship girls from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Posted on January 31, 2020

Can the 4 Nations band together to defeat the villainous Sirens? On today's Azur Lane: Crosswave update, Commanders are introduced to the Sirens, Observer and Purifier, alongside 4 additional characters. 

Playable Character:

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Long Island

Long Island

A long-haired, lethargic girl who calls herself a ghost. She's more like an otaku, really, but her unique battle tactic of attacking from blind spots makes her no different than a ghost in battle. She declined the invitation to attend the Joint Military Exercise many times, but she finally caved and joined. Then again, she did want to meet old friends, so it couldn't be helped. In particular, she really wanted to see Ayanami again.


Full-Time Secretary/Battle Support:

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Suffolk


A relaxed, easy-going heavy cruiser of the Royal Maid unit. When the need arises, she can show how she got to be a part of them. With how peaceful the world is, there aren't many opportunities for her to get serious, but as luck would have it, Suffolk would be involved in a certain major incident at the Joint Military Exercise...


Azur Lane: Crosswave - San Diego

San Diego

San Diego's naval history within Eagle Union places her next to Enterprise in terms of accomplishments, but... she has a knack of doing whatever she pleases, and often takes action in the most unexpected way, which surprises many around her. Oddly enough, even if she takes things easy, she seems to arrive at great results so often that she's referred to as a "smart idiot" sometimes. Whether there's merit to that remains to be seen. Because of her nature, her actions during the Joint Military Exercise will surely cause quite a stir.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Shiratsuyu


A petite, older sister whose memory isn't very good. She can't remember things that happened but five minutes ago. Her sense of direction is pretty bad, too. Her traits could make her a burden, but her friends, along with the memos she carries to remind herself of things, help her along quite a bit. In the end, she has proven herself and the results show. Odds are that she doesn't remember why she's participating in the Joint Military Exercise, but that doesn't seem to be bothering her very much at all.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Observer & Purifier

Meet the powerful enemies from Azur Lane: Crosswave! Observer and Purifier are two of the Sirens, a mysterious group that appeared from nowhere...


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Observer


 Among the Sirens is the Observer whose work involves her namesake: to observe those who are able to connect and interface with the history and lore of the naval vessels. She is rarely ever seen partaking in any matters of the world. She holds a twisted view towards the humans and Kansen that can only be explained as being eerie and complex, which are reflected by her menacing weaponry. What happens after her observation this time is unknown...


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Purifier


 A member of a mysterious group that appeared from nowhere... the Sirens. Among them, Purifier is very prudent in attaining the group's "goal." She has an aloof, holier-than-thou attitude. For some reason, she is upset over the peace in this world. It's no wonder she would try to cause a stir during the Joint Military Exercise. She's working on some kind of plan, but will it succeed?

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