Death end re; Quest 2 - Character Update #4

May 28, 2020

Death end re; Quest 2 - Character Update #4

Wordsworth Dormitory seems to have a trend of missing students...


This week, we introduce you to three characters from Wordsworth - an all-girl's dormitory in the upcoming horror-inspired RPG, Death end re;Quest™ 2!


What is Wordsworth Dormitory?
Wordsworth is an all-girl's dormitory for troubled and orphaned young women where Mai and her classmates live, attend classes, and learn about the town's history.

Throughout the game, there will be choices you will have to make that will impact what happens to the characters Mai meets in Le Choara.

Can you protect Mai's dorm mates from the monsters that lurk in the night?

Chitsuba Idean
A Wordsworth student who holds Victorie in high esteem, making the two good friends. She was orphaned from a young age, and harbours low self-worth and abandonment issues. She is unaccustomed to praise, making her easy to flatter.


Victorie Millet
A charming ditz with a radiant smile. She is playful but forgetful, always managing to play things off with a laugh. As a result, she can come off as insensitive.



Vina Miles
A short, precocious, and arrogant young woman. As the self-proclaimed leader of a trio of bullies, she often stands front and centre with crossed arms. Other students sometimes mistake her dominating personality as charisma.