Learn about the 4 game modes in Azur Lane: Crosswave

Posted on January 18, 2020

In Azur Lane: Crosswave, there are four different modes a player can choose to play from - Story Mode, Extreme Battle Mode, Photo Mode, and Episode Mode.  

Secretary Ships

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Game Overview - Secretary Ship

Azur Lane: Crosswave allows Commanders to choose a Secretary Ship that talks and greets you right from the start! By setting your Secretary Ship, you can increase their affection. Once the ship's affection reaches the "Love" status, Commanders then have the opportunity to marry their favourite character! 


Story Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Suruga Shimakaze

The Story Mode contains an original story following the journey of two new Sakura Empire recruits, Shimakaze and Suruga. The story begins with all four Nations living harmoniously. Suddenly, a Joint Military Exercise was enacted causing all the Nations to train even harder than before. But all of the Nations began to question... how did this event come to be?

Players will travel on an Ocean Map, which changes each chapter, and can encounter various events, battles, and also items. Players will engage in 3 VS 3 battles and also experience conversation events that can be reviewed in the Gallery.

Through the 3 VS 3 battles, players can accumulate A Points which they can use to scout allies to create even more fleets!


Extreme Battle Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Extreme Battle Mode

Players can challenge themselves in Extreme Battle Mode as their fleets become stronger. The difficulty of the stages increase as players progress. Here players can fight powerful enemies and collect rare items. Some of these items can lead to very special events...

Can you build a fleet strong enough to clear the highest level stages?


Photo Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Photo Mode

A mode where you can take pictures of your favourite characters! You can place up to 3 characters on an open stage and have them pose as you'd like.Snap a pic and share it with the world! 


Episode Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Episode Mode

Players can view hidden events that are unlocked through clearing certain criteria. Through these events, discover a new side to the 66 characters that appear in the game! 

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Meet Javelin, Z23, St. Louis, Abukuma, Amazon and Arizona from Azur Lane: Crosswave

Posted on January 17, 2020

We're happy to introduce 6 more ship girls today: Javelin and Amazon from Royal Navy, Z23 from Iron Blood, St. Louis and Arizona from Eagle Union, and Abukuma from Sakura Empire!
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Javelin
A young Royal Navy girl who has reached the pinnacle of both cuteness and slyness. Her happy-go-lucky attitude masks her clever nature very well. She becomes friends with almost anyone due to her bright smile and kind nature. She's secretly in charge of demonstrations in preparation for the Joint Military Exercise.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Z23
A member of the Iron Blood whose nickname is "Zed." She's always looking for ways to improve herself, and she's also passionate about research. She's very critical of herself and others, but will always give praise to those who she deems as worthy. She's often found acting as a commander in battle. She was chosen to represent the Iron Blood in the Joint Military Exercise by her peers. She's doing her very best to rise to the occasion and lead her friends to victory.
St. Louis
Azur Lane: Crosswave - St. Louis
Eagle Union's Light Cruiser nicknamed "Lucky Lou." She speaks with conviction, which comes from the power she holds, and her mature aura gathers the attention of even her peers. She is the older sister to Helena, and though they seem like two opposites, they both know how to approach others with kindness, which reminds everyone of their sisterly bond. Among the many that Eagle Union sent to the event, she is one of the few who actively supports her friends.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Abukuma
She looks like a demon, but acts a lot calmer than she looks. In fact, she's so calm that it almost feels like she's already seen everything life has to offer. This, coupled with her general personality, attracts many to her. When she has time, she is usually found munching on torpedo tempura her older sister Nagara made or simply passes the time fishing and playing Japanese chess. She decides to participate in the Joint Military Exercise event so long as she would only be in charge of support.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Amazon
Perhaps it's because she has the vessel history of being a flotilla leader, but in any case, Amazon acts like a veteran, and has a wanton need to lead others as Royal Navy's young instructor. She lacks height, and is often mistaken for being younger than she is, which riles her up quite easily. On the other hand, she has the humility to apologize when she is in the wrong, and has the capacity to accept apologies too. She joins the Joint Military Exercise to offer support, and to keep watch over the participants.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Arizona
Maybe it's because of her vessel's history, but she is very sensitive and has a general aura of sorrow surrounding her. She has a tendency of talking too long, but she is very brave on the battlefield, and has what it takes to be a Kansen. She believes that being proactive will make her better, so she decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support.

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Join Ace and Erin on their quest to find the key to save humanity in Arc of Alchemist!

Posted on January 16, 2020

Arc of Alchemist Characters - Ace & Erin

With only two weeks left until the launch of Arc of Alchemist, we have a couple of new characters to introduce: Ace Nightlok and Erin Van Dyne - the last two members of the Neuhaven Expedition led by Erin's dad, Garett Van Dyne. Check out the character profiles below!

Ace Nightlok

Arc of Alchemist Character - Ace

An excellent sharpshooter who works as one of Garett's subordinates. He is a man of few words, generally regarded as a calm and level-headed presence amongst his comrades. From time to time he acts as an advisor for Erin, and has a nice relationship with Darius' son.

Erin Van Dyne

Arc of Alchemist Character - Erin

The desert-filled RPG Arc of Alchemist will be heading to Europe on January 31, 2020, preorders are still available here.


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Meet 6 ships girls from Azur Lane: Crosswave - News screenshots

Posted on January 14, 2020

6 more ships are introduced in this week's Azur Lane: Crosswave update! This week, we are met with 6 characters from three of the four different military nations: Sakura Empire, Eagle Union, and Iron Blood. Check them out below, and read more about them on the official Azur Lane: Crosswave website!
Each character also belongs to one of the four Nations participating in the Joint Military Exercise: 

Sakura Empire: An island nation in the east which abides by its culture of honor and tradition.

Eagle Union: The democratic federation which values the principles of freedom and harmony.

Royal Navy: The constitutional monarchy which prides itself in its glorious history of nobility.

Iron Blood: The military empire which strives for phenomenal advancements in technology.
The characters:
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Cleveland
Cleveland is a core member of the Eagle Union whose openness causes people to see her as tomboyish and who loves her bonsai!
Azur Lane: Crosswave Character - Cleveland
The reason she decided to take part in the Joint Military Exercise was because she heard that whoever was chosen as the MVP will receive a special bonus at the end of the event.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Kongou


Kongou is a former member of the Royal Navy who is currently associated with the Sakura Empire. She acts like a member of the Royal Navy, but her caring nature is more in line with the nature of the Sakura Empire! 

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Kongou

Her accolades have given her the job of acting as the receptionist for the Joint Military Exercise, while also granting her the privilege of participating in the event with Yamashiro. She is doing her very best with her protégées to make the event a success.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Saratoga

Though her frame is small and cute, Saratoga holds an undeniable power, like the aircraft carrier she is named after! She is Lexington's younger sister who is trying to carve her way as an upcoming idol.

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Saratoga

She's down-to-earth, but she does have a knack for teasing others. It isn't unusual for Lexington to catch her in the midst of it... a scolding will ensure, of course. She just can't get away from her older sister. Even still, she's always running off and indulging herself in her usual pranks. As to how her mischief will fare this time...? Nobody knows...


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Kaga

Kaga sees Akagi as her older sister, despite being as strong as her. She's usually friendly, but often acts as a counter to Akagi's tendency to going a little wild. That said, their temperaments in battle are similar. 

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Kaga

She may sound cold at times, but she is a very compassionate individual and has earned the respect of many.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Atlanta

As a member of the Eagle Union, Atlanta is the eldest of the Atlanta-class cruisers, and the older sister of San Diego. Compared to her other younger sisters, Atlanta is more grounded, and is constantly trying to mend matters caused by her younger sisters' randomness. She tries to keep her place as an older sister, but sometimes she misses the mark in doing so. She decides to follow San Diego after hearing that she's going to participate in the Joint Military Exercise.

Admiral Hipper

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Admiral Hipper

An elite of the Iron Blood, and older sister to Prinz Eugen. She's similar, yet distinctly different from Prinz Eugen in that she acts irritated in front of those that interest her... a typical tsundere. Hipper doesn't enjoy that Eugen knows this facet of her so well, but that doesn't mean they don't get along. Hipper was invited to the Joint Military Exercise as support. At first glance, it seems like she didn't want to participate, but in truth, she's excited to meet Eugen and the others. 

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Meet Azur Lane: Crosswave ship girls Ajax and Enterprise!

Posted on January 11, 2020

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Ajax
A slightly sadistic individual who refers to anyone she's interested in as "little piggy." She is fond of teasing others, no matter their rank, and has a tendency to be outspoken. Her actions cause others to run amok. Even still, her talents are worthy, and she is a fantastic asset in any mission she embarks upon. This particular pedigree she offers is why she's been chosen to take part in the Joint Military Exercise.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Ajax
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Enterprise
As the strongest aircraft carrier in the Eagle Union, she is known for the many battles she has won against enemies both on the ocean and in the sky. Everyone knows how powerful she is, which makes her a fantastic representative of the Eagle Union in the Joint Military Exercise. She will sacrifice herself for her allies and constantly seeks new rivals. As she has sensed something amiss during the Joint Military Exercise, she has begun investigating what is really going on behind the scenes. This has caused her bond with a certain someone to deepen over the course of this exercise.

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Introducing Ayanami, Illustrious, Akashi and Achilles from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Posted on January 10, 2020

In Azur Lane: Crosswave, characters are broken down between playable characters and support. Support characters can join a player's fleet as AI using support skills and attacks during battle. Playable characters can act as your main fleet and/or support fleet.
Character breakdown:
  • Playable Characters: Can be controlled during battle.
  • Secretary Ship: Appears on main menus when not engaged in battle. Secretary Ship can be a playable character or support character. Having a ship as your secretary can lead to some interesting events to happen!
  • Support: Can be selected to assist in battle. When certain conditions are met, support characters can perform different support skills such as attacks, buffs, and heals. Playable characters can also be deployed as support characters, lending a different set of skills than if they were controlled.
We would like to introduce you to four characters this time!

Playable characters:

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Ayanami
One of the oldest and most powerful members of the Sakura Empire. Her battles are ruthless, akin to that of a demon god, but off the battlefield, she tends to be quiet and reclusive. She doesn't seem like she has any interest in anything, but when she does find something that catches her attention, she will pour her very best into it. She is currently training herself for the Joint Military Exercise.

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Illustrious
A member of the Royal Navy who carries herself with grace;
her countenance is one of a refined lady. Others may sometimes
view her as being a bit slow, but the fact is that she is always kind...
the total embodiment of a royal. She styles herself in accordance
to the historical nature of the vessel she represents with an
emphasis on her upper body, which captivates many who
lay their eyes upon her. She joins the Joint Military Exercise
as a proud member of Royal Navy, assisting her allies along
the way to victory.
Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support: 
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Akashi
A repair ship who displays cat-like features, such as playing with cat toys. Sometimes, many doubt themselves as to whether Akashi really is a cat. Despite her unique personality, she is the best mechanic Sakura Empire has to offer, and she provides technical support with her many interesting inventions. She also has a taste for money, and this talent shines through her business skills (which often blur the line of whether she's working for the Sakura Empire or herself). She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise as their announcer this time around.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Achilles
Achilles is a Leander-class light cruiser and a friend of Ajax. She seems absent-minded, but at the very least, she doesn't exhibit a sadistic nature like Ajax. She's surprisingly proactive, and decided to join the Joint Military Exercise with Ajax to help support her fellow sister cruisers.

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New Arc of Alchemist Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots!

Posted on January 09, 2020

Learn more about the Desert of Beginnings and unlock the true power of the Lunagear in this week's Gameplay trailer and Lunagear screenshot batch! The desert-filled RPG Arc of Alchemist will be heading to Europe on January 31, 2020 for the PlayStation®4 physically and digitally, preorders are available here.

The new Gameplay trailer shows various gameplay systems:

7+ Playable Characters: With the new updates for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch release in North America and Europe, you can now play as 7+ characters! Each character specializes in different weapons, but Quinn can utilize all the weapons available! She can master the arts of the Lance, or even a Crossbow! The choice is yours!

Gimmicks and Traps: Around every sand dune lie gimmicks and traps that can harm or slow down your party's progression. Gimmicks such as mechanical pillars, deadly spikes, and gas fields should be avoided at all costs, but keep spare potions just in case!

Base Building, Character Customization, and Upgrades: The Base is an area for your squad to regroup, rejuvenate, and upgrade stats for future expeditions. Create new facilities that can add bonuses to a character's base stats. Buy new equipment and weapons to strengthen a character's attack and defenses. Adjust the formation of your squad before battle and even on-the-go! As you level up your characters and gather currency, players are able to increase a character's base stats and learn new passive and active skills. Players can even change character skins to keep your squad looking fresh on the battlefield!

Lastly, we have a Lunagear screenshots!

Arc of Alchemist Screenshot - Lunagear - Battle

Use the Lunagear and master the four different Orb Elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Use one element, like the Fire Orb, to summon a fire projectile or even combine two elements to summon more powerful attacks, which can be useful against huge, mechanical bosses!

Arc of Alchemist - Screenshot - Lunagear - Battle

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