Super Neptunia RPG DLC Schedule for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

July 09, 2019

The fate of Gamindustri now rests in your hands! Super Neptunia RPG is available in Europe on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam! 

The Steam and Nintendo Switch versions contain all original CGs. The PS4 release has two slightly modified CGs. Gameplay for all platforms has not been changed from the original Japanese release.

You can find the full DLC schedule below!


Launch DLC

  • Dengeki Bracelet Set (Free)
  • Dengeki Accessory Set (Free)
  • Famitsu Weapon Set (Free)
  • Enchanted Weapon Set (Free)
  • [Cosplay Series] Equipment Set
  • [Foreign Series] Equipment Set
  • [Traditional Series] Equipment Set
  • [Enchanted Series] Equipment Set


09/07: Additional Party Members Set

  • Party Member [Artisan]
  • Party Member [IF]
  • Party Member [Compa]


12/07 Animal Ears and Tails Set

  • Cat Ears & Tail Set
  • Dog Ears & Tail Set
  • Mouse Ears & Tail Set
  • Bunny Ears & Tail Set
  • Fox Ears & Tail Set

16/07: Swimsuit Set

  • Neptune Swimsuit Outfit
  • Noire Swimsuit Outfit
  • Blanc Swimsuit Outfit
  • Vert Swimsuit Outfit
  • Chrome Swimsuit Outfit
  • IF Swimsuit Outfit
  • Compa Swimsuit Outfit
  • Artisan Swimsuit Outfit

23/07: Sentai Set

  • Brave [Purple]
  • Brave [Black]
  • Brave [White]
  • Brave [Green]
  • Brave [Dark]
  • Brave [Blue]
  • Brave [Brave Pink]
  • Brave [Brave Orange]


Check out the Iffy-cial Website for more information on the game!