Meet 6 New Characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

February 05, 2020

Meet 6 New Characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

Meet six support characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave in today's blog post! We are introducing Sakura Empire's Shiranui, Souryuu, Hamakaze, Downes from Eagle Union, Norfolk from Royal Navy, and Dragon Empery's Ning Hai!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Shiranui


A member of the Sakura Empire who sells various armaments and items. Her ability to sell items and generally conduct business often places her at odds with Akashi, but they do get along. Shiranui has an eerie, ghostly aura, but she is quite compassionate, and is always thinking of others. She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise by selling items to all the attendees.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Souryuu


A member of the Sakura Empire who supports Akagi and Kaga. No one equals her in terms of handling operations. She enjoys playing hanafuda and has a good sense of humor, but her serious nature often works against her and causes her to be worried all the time. She was on a vacation with her younger sisters and friends, but upon hearing that Akagi was holding the Joint Military Exercise, she packed her bags and headed right back to the Sakura Empire to attend.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Downes


A very energetic member of Eagle Union who has a taste for explosions. Anything she does is always at full force, and her words bring energy to those around her. She is aware of her vessel's history, which doesn't sit well with her, but she does her best to be the catalyst to all those around her. She seems to have found a new pastime which she indulges in during the Joint Military Exercise.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Ning Hai

Ning Hai

A member of the Dragon Empery and older sister to Ping Hai. She places others first before thinking about herself. Her vessel's history seems to have made her a bit frugal, and despite not being a person in need, she insists on cutting costs whenever possible. Watching Ning Hai's frugal ways have made Ping Hai aware of spending and becoming courteous... or, at least that's what Ning Hai hopes Ping Hai will be in the distant future. Ning Hai saw the Joint Military Exercise as a valuable opportunity for Ping Hai to experience, so she sends Ping Hai instead of participating herself.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Norfolk


A timid and shy Royal Navy heavy cruiser. She possesses the powers of the vessel she represents, but her personality is holding her back as she constantly hides her face with her red hood every time she's stressed or in trouble. She's also slightly disturbed by her younger sister who treats her like some goddess. She makes a brave decision to join... no, support the Joint Military Exercise, but even then she's feeling a lot of pressure.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Hamakaze


Sakura Empire's Kagerou-class destroyer. She is always trying to become better, and is more of a hard-worker than a genius. She studies everything she can from magazines and books, but always makes time to associate with friends with a bright and energetic smile. She is supporting the Joint Military Exercise handling drab and dull jobs such as directing traffic. Then again, as long as Hamakaze is there, it's safe to say there should be no major accidents.