Neptunia ReVerse - More Characters and Systems Details!

May 12, 2021

Neptunia ReVerse - More Characters and Systems Details!

We've got another Neptunia ReVerse update to share with you! Learn a little more about some of the game's character roster, as well as the updated systems...

Neptunia ReVerse is an updated and enhanced version of Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Re;Birth1, originally released on the PlayStation Vita. It will be available on PlayStation 5 both physically and digitally on 11th June. 



About the Game: 

Gamindustri – A distant world comprised of four nations, each under the divine protection of a Goddess. Planeptune: Land of Purple Progress, ruled by Neptune; Lastation: Land of Black Regality, ruled by Noire; Lowee: Land of White Serenity, ruled by Blanc; Leanbox: Land of Green Pastures, ruled by Vert.

Locked in the Console War, the four Goddesses vie for domination of the planet until Neptune is cast down and stripped of her power. Now Neptune must fight to restore her place, but could a being known as Arfoire threaten the very world the Goddesses have sworn to protect?



Character Profiles:





A fluffy and air-headed girl. However, contrary to her appearance, she's the Goddess of another dimension's Planeptune.





Uzumi Tennouboshi


She is the Goddess of Planeptune in another Gamindustri dimension, "Zero Dimension." Though she can be pretty blunt or harsh at times, deep down, she has a kind heart. Her habit of intense daydreaming reveals she has a more girlish side to her beneath the surface.



Updated Features:

Check out the new updated features, including a sleeker-looking system UI and an updated tutorial guide featuring your favourite protagonist, Neptune!  




System UI


Neptunia ReVerse gets a brand-new makeover! Play through the beloved Neptunia classic with new system-UI updates on the City Menu, Combo Skills, Status, and more!




Neptune Joins the System Tutorials


Neptune will pop in every so often during the game to assist players on how certain gameplay systems work. Neptune is also fully-voiced in the tutorials!



Learn more about the characters and new features in Neptunia ReVerse on the game's website!




Price: £61.66 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)



The Neptunia™ ReVerse Limited Edition for PlayStation®5 includes:


Steel Game Case

Memorial Hardcover Art Book

Official Soundtrack

Double-Sided Poster

Sticker Set

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Collector's Box

Trading Card









Price: £45.83 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)



Neptunia™ ReVerse Day One Edition for PlayStation®5 includes:


Neptunia™ ReVerse for PlayStation®5

8 Trading Cards

Sticker Sheet

A2 Poster

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Collector’s Box

Trading Card