Neptunia ReVerse - Meet the Sisters!

May 14, 2021

Neptunia ReVerse - Meet the Sisters!

Where would any of the Goddesses really be without their little sisters to keep them in line? Get re-introduced to NepGear, Uni, Rom and Ram below, and even more over on the official Neptunia ReVerse website!

Neptunia ReVerse is an updated and enhanced version of Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Re;Birth1, originally released on the PlayStation Vita. It will be available on PlayStation 5 both physically and digitally on 11th June. 



About the Game: 

Gamindustri – A distant world comprised of four nations, each under the divine protection of a Goddess. Planeptune: Land of Purple Progress, ruled by Neptune; Lastation: Land of Black Regality, ruled by Noire; Lowee: Land of White Serenity, ruled by Blanc; Leanbox: Land of Green Pastures, ruled by Vert.

Locked in the Console War, the four Goddesses vie for domination of the planet until Neptune is cast down and stripped of her power. Now Neptune must fight to restore her place, but could a being known as Arfoire threaten the very world the Goddesses have sworn to protect?



Character Profiles:






Neptune's little sister. Unlike her big sister, she is sharp and clever in some very useful ways.








Her looks and personality closely resemble her sister, and if you were to mellow out Noire's severity a bit, you would get Uni. Compared to Noire who fights with swords, she prefers to battle with guns.






Blanc's little sister. She is twins with Ram, and the quieter one of the two. Rom is very shy, and she can only really converse properly with Blanc and Ram. Perhaps for that reason, she's always with Ram when she does anything. Unlike Blanc, she's very talented with magic.






Blanc's little sister. She is twins with Rom, and the more rambunctious one of the two. At first glance she seems outgoing, but she hasn't been able to open up to anyone besides Blanc and Rom, and so is surprisingly shy. She often pulls tricks with her twin sister Rom. Unlike Blanc, she's very talented with magic.



With the revamped Arrange Mode, the Goddesses' sisters are now part of the 20+ playable characters from the start! Choose up to 4 of your favourite Neptunia characters to add to your party and jump right in!


Learn more about the characters and new features of Neptunia ReVerse on the game's website!




Price: £61.66 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)



The Neptunia™ ReVerse Limited Edition for PlayStation®5 includes:


Steel Game Case

Memorial Hardcover Art Book

Official Soundtrack

Double-Sided Poster

Sticker Set

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Collector's Box

Trading Card









Price: £45.83 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)



Neptunia™ ReVerse Day One Edition for PlayStation®5 includes:


Neptunia™ ReVerse for PlayStation®5

8 Trading Cards

Sticker Sheet

A2 Poster

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Collector’s Box

Trading Card