Megadimension Neptunia™ VIIR Limited Edition Now Available

May 04, 2018


It's time for you to come face to face with your favourite goddess from Gamindustri in the latest Neptunia adventure. Introducing Megadimension Neptunia™ VIIR, an enhanced version of 2016's Megadimension Neptunia™ featuring revamped graphics, battle system, and a whole new VR experience a first for the series.

Megadimension Neptunia™ VIIR Limited Edition pre-orders are now available on Iffy's European Online Store. Please note, shipping for this limited edition will commence on the release date of the game, Friday 11th May 2018.

Key Features
•  Waifus go 3D – The Gamindustri Goddesses dimension-hop into your PlayStation®VR headset! For the first time ever, you can interact with the Goddesses one-on-one while they explore you, The Player’s, room.
•  New World, New Fights – A renovated battle system allows you to set each attack combo mid-battle and introduces new elements of strategy and resource-management.
•  Console Wars go Next-Gen – Transform into even more powerful beings with their NEXT forms, and take control of a new set of characters who want to run Gamindustri!
•  Virtual Relaxation – Customise your VR room’s furniture with Nep-worthy looks