Marry the Ship of Your Dreams in Azur Lane: Crosswave! 💍💖

January 28, 2020

Marry the Ship of Your Dreams in Azur Lane: Crosswave! 💍💖

Find out how you can marry the Azur Lane: Crosswave ship girl of your dreams and learn more about Episode Mode, Extreme Battle Mode, Scouting, and Shops in the game!

System/UI Screenshots:

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Episode Mode - Bismarck, Enterprise

Learn more about your favorite Kansen in Episode Mode: Knowing is half the battle, and with Episode Mode, Commanders can get to know more of their favorite Kansen through special dialogue scenes! Because Azur Lane: Crosswave takes place in an alternative universe, fans of Azur Lane mobile can experience special events and dialogue between characters that never spoke to one another in the mobile version. Watch unexpected friendships to bloom!



Azur Lane: Crosswave - Extreme Battle Mode - Belfast, Illustrious, Unicorn

Collect Heart Tokens and Find Your One True Love: As mentioned in last week's update, Extreme Battle Mode gives Commanders the opportunity to fight through 100+ fleets that vary in difficulty. Extreme Battle Mode is the only mode where Commanders can collect Heart Tokens. Collect Heart Tokens to craft a ring and marry the Kansen of your dreams! 



Azur Lane: Crosswave - Scouting - Ayanami

Scout For Your Favourite Kansen: Not all of the Kansen are available from the start of the game. To strengthen your fleet, Commanders will need to scout and pay a certain amount of A Points - an in-game currency used to scout a character. Some characters require more A Points than others, so Commanders may need to farm more A Points in either Story or Extreme Battle Mode to scout their favourite Kansen.

When scouting a new Kansen, Commanders will also notice special bonus buffs known as "Fleet Effects." Depending on a Commander's fleet, additional buffs that strengthen the party are added!



Azur Lane: Crosswave - Shop - Akashi

Shop 'til You Drop: Upgrades are necessary as you progress through the game and with Shiranui's Shop and Akashi's Research Lab, Commanders will find helpful items to strengthen their fleet. Keep an eye out for a "Good find" notification on the shop game menu. When the notification pops up, head to Akashi's Research Lab and grab these "Good find" items for a limited time. As soon as you head to a game mode, the "Good find" item will disappear, so be sure to have enough Coins to purchase these items. 

 Azur Lane: Crosswave - Shop -Shiranui


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