IFI's Weekly Bargain - Super Neptunia RPG!

September 21, 2020

IFI's Weekly Bargain - Super Neptunia RPG!

The Super Neptunia RPG on PlayStation 4 is your Weekly Bargain game for this week, coming atcha for only £12.99! Grab it while you can, as it will revert back to the standard pricing at 27/09/20 at midnight. 

Join Neptune as she again awakens in a mysterious new world with her memory wiped clean of details on who she is...only this time, a whole dimension is missing! Journey through a 2D world alongside Neptune, as well as various other fan-favourite characters from the Neptunia series, as they set out to prevent a plot that would prevent them from ever becoming three-dimensional characters again…

Find more information on the game here: http://iffyseurope.com/super-nep/

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