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IFI's Weekly Bargain - Omega Quintet!

July 06, 2020

IFI's Weekly Bargain - Omega Quintet!

IFI’s Weekly Bargain is here! This week, we’re bringing to you the standard edition of Omega Quintet on PlayStation 4 for £18.99. Available until 12/06/20.

For a world which has almost completely succumbed to darkness, only the power of song can bring it back into the light. Take on the role of the “Verse Maidens” - five heroines with the ability to harness the power of music as a weapon against evil - as they gear themselves up for battle against the Blare, an unknown evil threatening the minds’ of all humans on Earth. Only their songs will be able to inspire the last remnants of society to stand up and fight for themselves… as well as their future!

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