IFI's Weekly Bargain - Dragon Star Varnir!

August 05, 2020

IFI's Weekly Bargain - Dragon Star Varnir!

Dragon Star Varnir on PlayStation 4 is coming at you as part of IFI’s Weekly Bargain this week! You can get the game for the reduced price of £14.99 until this Sunday, 09/08/20.

When the Knight Zephy is mortally wounded on a mission to track down a band of witches, his only chance at survival comes at the hands of those he had hunted. Made to drink dragon blood, Zephy finds himself brought back from the brink of death...but also given strange new magical powers he must learn to understand and control. Now, having become a strange, dangerous creature himself, Zephy must work with the witches to both defeat the Empire who want him dead, as well as forge a new life for himself.

You can find out more information about the game here: https://ideafintl.com/varnir/

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