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IFI's Weekly Bargain - Azur Lane: Crosswave

June 29, 2020

IFI's Weekly Bargain - Azur Lane: Crosswave

This week as part of IFI’s Weekly Bargain, Azur Lane: Crosswave - Commander’s Calendar Edition on PlayStation 4 comes to you for only £24.99! Available until 05/06/20.

Enter the four nations: Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood, and Sakura Empire. The military of each nation marched towards yet another season of diligent training. Suddenly, in the middle of their normal routines, a Joint Military Exercise was enacted. In this monumental event, a select few from each nation were chosen, causing all of them to train even harder in anticipation of rigourous battles ahead. But how did this event come to be exactly? Are there ulterior motives at play?

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