Introducing 5 support characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

February 12, 2020

Introducing 5 support characters from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

With a little over a week left until the launch of the 3D action shooter, Azur Lane: Crosswave, we're excited to share a couple more updates, including 5 support characters!

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Hammann


Eagle Union's No. 4 Sims-class who accents her maid-like attire with a white, furry headband. She is almost never honest with her feelings, and complimenting her will lead to the most tsundere reaction one can ever expect. Trying to blush more than her is quite a feat, actually. She's hesitantly participating only as support for the Joint Military Exercise, but she is hoping she can make new friends there.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Haruna


Kongou's younger sister. Unlike her sister, who was raised at the Royal Navy, she was raised at the Sakura Empire, and longs to be as graceful and refined as Kongou. Then again, Haruna is often found solving problems with her fists, and her wild side makes it difficult to attain this grace she so longs for. She is working apart from Kongou at the Joint Military Exercise. What she will experience there is yet to be told.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Prince of Wales


Prince of Wales

A key member of Royal Navy who exudes grace and elegance coupled with the charisma of those within the royal family. She dresses well and is currently residing at Sakura Empire along with Hood in place of Queen Elizabeth and Warspite. She doesn't brag about her vessel's history, and puts her full effort into supporting the Joint Military Exercise in the name of the Royal Navy. She has a keen interest in seeing the performance and fine dining at the event.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Helena



Helena is St. Louis' younger sister, and excels in offering support, which comes from her self-sacrificing nature. When she first joined, she wasn't very confident about herself, but her proficiency with using SG radars brought results, which led to many relying on her for help. It's no surprise that she's participating in the Joint Military Exercise as support. She is looking forward to the event, and is also hoping to get a chance to be with her older sister and members from the other nations.


Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Hornet



Enterprise's younger sister gives off a brazen appearance but she's hardworking at heart. Having someone as great as Enterprise as a sister does makes things a bit difficult for Hornet, but she is constantly working to make herself great so that she can accomplish greater goals. She does take after her sister in the form of leadership, and has a lot of friends to boot. She decides to visit the Sakura Empire to cheer for everyone who is participating in the Joint Military Exercise.