Introducing two members of the rival Neuhaven's expedition team in Arc of Alchemist™!

Posted on December 21, 2019

Arc of Alchemist Character - Darius Kendrix

Meet two members of the Neuhaven's expedition team, Garett Van Dyne and Darius Kendrix! The Neuhaven Expedition team, led by Garett Van Dyne, is a rival faction that is also set on finding the Great Power - the key that will save humanity. 

Arc of Alchemist Character - Garrett Van Dyne

Garett has a reputation for being cruel and cold-hearted, but he cares deeply for his family and his subordinates. Because of their allegiances, he and Quinn are enemies, but he is nonetheless curious about her.

Arc of Alchemist Character - Darius Kendrix

Darius is an officer of Neuhaven with a long and decorated history. His axe has crushed the helmets of a thousand soldiers, and he is one of the few people within Garett's close circle. He is something of a family man who enjoys cooking for his wife and children.

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