Explore the Desert of Beginnings in Arc of Alchemist™!

November 28, 2019

Explore the Desert of Beginnings in Arc of Alchemist™!

Arc of Alchemist Screenshot - Exploration


 The desert-filled RPG Arc of Alchemist™ will be heading to Europe on January 31, 2020, but we would like to share some screenshots and more exciting details about it with you while you wait!

Use the Powerful Lunagear to Navigate Through the Trap-filled Desert!

The Lunagear is a special device assembled with ancient technology. Only Quinn is capable of using it, and by incorporating "Orbs", its wearer can control the elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. The Lunagear corresponds with whichever Orb is equipped. With the Fire Orb, you can summon fire to damage enemies; with the Earth Orb, a slab of rock to form a barrier against damage. Use these different Orb elements to solve various puzzles in the Desert of Beginnings. Certain puzzles will require players to combine two elemental Orbs to progress, so experiment with the different possibilities!

Form a rock wall for defence with the Earth Orb!

Protruding Walls, Hidden Spike Traps & Other Mechanical Gimmicks - Don't Let Them Fool You!

As Quinn and her squad explore the Desert of Beginnings, hidden mechanical gimmicks will emerge to block their path, explode on contact, and more! Keep the team safe by recognising signs of these traps.


Use Gimmicks to Your Advantage & Find Enemy Weaknesses! 

Exploring the world of Arc of Alchemist™ you will notice special gimmicks that can only be activated with the Lunagear. Use these gimmicks to your advantage to light up lamps and also weaken larger and stronger mechanical bosses!

Arc of Alchemist Screenshot