Death end re;Quest 2 - New Story Screenshots and Character Update #8!

July 13, 2020

Death end re;Quest 2 - New Story Screenshots and Character Update #8!

Will Mae ever find her missing sister?

This week, we have some new story screenshots from Death end re;Quest 2 to share with you, as well as a further character update!







 In search for her beloved sister in the town of Le Choara, Mai meets and builds relationships with a wide cast of characters in Wordsworth Dormitory – an all-girl's dormitory for troubled and orphaned young women. Oddly enough, Mai's sister wasn't the only one missing, as other people started to strangely disappear into thin air. 

Will Mai uncover the truths behind the disappearances in order to save herself and her friends or will they become lost to the darkness?





Mary Walcott

A Wordsworth resident who initially treats Mai as an outsider, it is later revealed that her concern for Mai is mistaken for coldness. A tsundere by nature, she is aware of her tough image but is hoping to be more honest with herself and her feelings. She is often seen bickering playfully with Charlie.


Charlie Parfait

One of the Wordsworth residents known for being rather tough, she is unafraid to give others a piece of her mind. She is quick to react defensively if others are intimidated by her brashness, and she envies Mary for her femininity.



Makoto Framper

A Japanese girl with a youthful disposition, who is often seen hanging out with Mary and Charlie. She has a sunny personality, but she frustrates Mary with her frequent misinterpreting of social situations. Because she suffered abuse at the hands of her relatives, she is terribly insecure about what others think of her, but she is never one to voice such feelings.


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