Death end re;Quest 2 - Exploration Details!

July 09, 2020

Death end re;Quest 2 - Exploration Details!


Any other town would kill for a nightlife like this, you know. 

This week, learn about how you'll be exploring Le Choara in Death end re;Quest 2, as well as how the town changes come nightfall. Plus, discover some of the talents Mai and her friends can utilise in their journey. 


Dark Shadow:

When the clock strikes midnight, Le Choara turns into a town filled with Shadow Matter. One type of Shadow Matter, called Dark Shadow, may randomly appear in a dungeon. Dark Shadows are relentless and will do everything in their power to end you. Who knows what terrors await Mai and her friends if they are ambushed by these foul menaces?


Buggy Skills:

In last week's update, we briefly talked about Buggy Skills - character-specific skills that can be used to progress through a certain level. Learn about each character's Buggy Skill with the screenshots below:


Mai - Hacking
Access a computer to hack into security cameras positioned around dungeons.


Rottie - Mosquito Jump
Float into the air over obstacles that cannot be scaled with a normal jump.


Liliana - Destructo Bat
Destroy seemingly unbreakable magical barriers.


Details regarding the Death end re;Quest 2 Limited Edition pre-orders will be coming soon. You can visit the Iffy-cial website here.