Death end re;Quest 2 - Dungeon Details and Character Update #7

July 03, 2020

Death end re;Quest 2 - Dungeon Details and Character Update #7

What lurks in Le Choara at night?


This week, we're delighted to bring to you some new information about Death end re;Quest 2's devilish dungeons, as well as some screenshots. Also, we have details on some more of Mei's fellow classmates from Wordsworth!




After midnight, Le Choara turns into a nightmarish hellscape where monsters known as Shadow Matter lurk and attack any locals who dare to break the curfew set by the town.

Mai, Rottie, and Liliana each have Buggy Skills that aid in their party's journey through each dungeon. Mai is able able to hack into a PC to expose hidden paths, Rottie can use her buggy to reach higher places, and Liliana can destroy walls!




 Abigail Williams

A kind, mellow young woman who serves as Wordsworth's resident advisor. At times she is giggly and scatter-brained, but she is a stern disciplinarian when necessary, well-adept at balancing friendship and authority with her residents.


 Cera Putnam

A hard-working but shrewd student. She is best friends with Abigail, the resident advisor. Known for being stern and protective, she frequently admonishes Abigail for being too lenient on the other students, but the two are incredibly close.


 Sarah Floyd

One of Wordsworth's younger residents who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is aware of her emotional tendencies but does her best to stop from crying in tough situations.


 Anne Satie

A quiet, demure girl with a lot on her mind yet a lack of confidence to express it. At first, she intimidated Sarah because she never smiled, but over time she has softened. The two are now good friends.



Marie Pia

Wordsworth's youngest resident. She relies heavily on others' help—especially
Anne—since they share a peculiar resemblance. Marie's dependence is somewhat troubling for Anne.




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