Death end re;Quest 2 - Character Update #5

June 10, 2020

Death end re;Quest 2 - Character Update #5

And you thought your school was a nightmare...


This week, we bring you the fifth Character Update for Death end re;Quest 2, introducing you to some more of the students resident at Wordsworth, as well as the authority figures which seem to exert just a little too much influence over them...

The Steam page for Death end re;Quest 2 has also gone live! You can check it out here.


What is Wordsworth Dormitory?

Wordsworth is an all-girl's dormitory for troubled and orphaned young women where Mai and her classmates live, attend classes, and learn about the town's history.

Throughout the game, there will be choices you will have to make that will impact what happens to the characters Mai meets in Le Choara.

Can you protect Mai's dormmates from the monsters that lurk in the night?

What is El Strain?

A monotheistic faith which seemingly governs the affairs of Le Choara.
Their doctrine preaches togetherness and compassion, but the townspeople do not force newcomers to abide by their faith. It is led by the Bishop, one of the town's leading figures.



Shizu Melonis
Headmistress Midra's main confidant. She is one of Wordsworth's highest ranking maids, as she takes pride in educating the dorm's student body.


A devout believer who leads the church of El Strain. Her compassion is admired by townspeople and Wordsworth students alike. While El Strain allows men and women both to serve in its clergy, the Bishop chooses to keep her face hidden.


Molly Pagan
Vina's tall, slender, and intimidating lackey, who admires Vina for her vainglorious nature. She has the tendency to latch onto Vina, but when she's alone, she's weak and she starts to sulk.


Pick Holly
Vina's second, freckled lackey. Her friendship with Vina dates to the beginning of her time at Wordsworth, when the latter saved her from being bullied. Feeling indebted to Vina yet afraid she would be the next to bully her, Pick did everything her new friend asked. She became the bully she feared, an emotionally frail low-life.


Betty Paris
Wordsworth's oldest student, which she uses to her advantage to admonish those she deems beneath her. She is a hardcore believer in El Strain and despises its dissenters.


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