Cupid Parasite Patch 1.01 is Available to Download Now on Nintendo Switch!

Cupid Parasite Patch 1.01 is Available to Download Now on Nintendo Switch!

Love is patient, love is kind.

Love is...patched and ready to go! The patch for Cupid Parasite on Nintendo Switch is NOW LIVE for both North America and European customers. The patch fixes the following:

- Unedited dialogue in the routes for Ryuki, Raul, and the secret character.

- Overall grammar and text overflow issues.

- Freeze issues related to dialogue text improperly appearing within the name box.

Users can download the patch now!

Cupid Parasite is OUT NOW for Nintendo Switch. Exclusive to the European IFI Online Store and available to buy now is the Cupid Parasite Limited Edition!

About the Game:

Welcome to Cupid Corporation! Located in the glitzy and trendsetting metropolis of Los York, Cupid Corporation is a daring marriage agency known for its style and success rate.

Our heroine, Lynette Mirror, is Cupid Corporation’s top bridal advisor, whose job is to consult in-vogue singles to make their wildest romantic dreams come true! BUT she has one huge secret up her sleeve—she is none other than Celestia's Goddess of Love, Cupid!

Sent to the Human Realm on her heavenly mission of "matchmaking", Lynette meets her biggest challenge yet: the infamous Parasite 5. In order to help these five hopeless men find true love, Lynette and her team concoct the perfect matchmaking plan... REALITY TV.

Will Lynette be able to live up to her name as top bridal advisor and Cupid, or will her dreams get cancelled?

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