Azur Lane: Crosswave - Sirius DLC Details!

September 25, 2020

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Sirius DLC Details!

Here's the details on the last of the five new Azur Lane: Crosswave Character DLCs, which will be making landfall on October 5th! Each will be available to purchase individually, or you can get all five in a bundle pack with a 15% decrease on the overall price.

You can visit all the individual Steam pages for the DLCs now (and don't forget to add them to your wishlist to be notified when they're released)!

 Le Malin

Each of the 5 DLC unlocks: One Main playable character, 3 new support ships, and an additional Story Mode content for the Main playable character.









Sirius and London were given the task of returning the Cubes the Royal Navy borrowed to the Sakura Empire. However, while en route, the Sirens attacked.

They announced that they were taking the Cubes, and the Sakura Empire began handling damage control.

Sirius and London was the pair chosen for this task. In order to defend the Cubes, they were dispatched to the Sakura Empire.

At the scene, both the Eagle Union and Iron Blood had come and stood against the Siren's scheme.

Will the Kansen be able to unite to protect the Cubes from the Sirens?



The Sirius DLC unlocks the following:

Main Ship (Playable):
• Sirius

Support Ships:
• London
• Alabama
• Azuma

Story Mode:
• Sirius - Additional Story Mode content