Azur Lane: Crosswave on Nintendo Switch - Royal Navy Support!

December 09, 2020

Azur Lane: Crosswave on Nintendo Switch - Royal Navy Support!


Every Kansen needs some solid backup! This week, we're taking a look at a couple of the Royal Navy Support Ships who'll be included with the Nintendo Switch release of Azur Lane: Crosswave. Originally only available through the Formidable Character DLC on PS4 and Steam, Warspite and HMS Neptune will feature as Support Characters and Secretary Ships on Nintendo Switch, while also appearing as characters in Formidable's story chapter. 



The second Queen Elizabeth-class battleship, affiliated with the Royal Navy. She closely supports the Queen, who is the symbol of the Royal Navy. 




HMS Neptune
A special plan ship affiliated with the Royal Navy. She speaks politely, but she has the impish personality of teasingly looking down on others. She is a "waiter," and not a maid, good at making sweets. (it's important!) 



About the Royal Navy:



A constitutional monarchy located on the Royal Islands, which possesses a long history. It is composed of the royal family, the symbol of the nation, and the prime minister and parliament who move the government.


Part of the fleet are of the same rank as nobles and royalty, and their standard of living is also on par with nobility. Among them, Queen Elizabeth holds an extreme popularity with the Royal Navy's citizens akin to being a queen, and she is given a large voice in the nation's management.


The Royal Navy which ships belong to prize courtesy, and they hold a climate of maintaining elegance as important, not only in their combat abilities, but their navy's fashion as well.



The Nintendo eShop page for Azur Lane: Crosswave on Nintendo Switch should be available in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned for further details on this! Otherwise, you can check out the physical "Commander's Calendar" Edition below:




The "Commander's Calendar Edition" contains:


Azur Lane: Crosswave for Nintendo Switch™ 

Reversible Cover Sleeve 

12 page Art Desk Calendar

Collector's Box





The Switch version also adds the following:


Taihou and Formidable as playable characters (previously DLC for PS4/Steam versions)

Each character comes with 3 support characters and additional story content.

An updated Photo Mode where players can now choose up to 6 characters instead of 3, with extended camera angles!



About Azur Lane: Crosswave

In this high-octane 3D Action Shooter, historical battle ships come to 3D life with the help of the Unreal Engine! Control a fleet of cute, but devastating characters and bring any enemy to their knees! Newcomers and returning fans of Azur Lane can play in 4 game modes, including the 100+ battles of Extreme Battle Mode!
Will you be able to sail your fleet to victory, or will you sink into the ocean?