Azur Lane Crosswave on Nintendo Switch - Iron Blood Details!

January 06, 2021

Azur Lane Crosswave on Nintendo Switch - Iron Blood Details!

We're back with another update on Azur Lane: Crosswave - this time, we'd like to give you all the details you'll need to know about the fearsome military faction, the Iron Blood, as well as some of it's most recognisable faces. We're now just over a month away from the February 19th release of Azur Lane: Crosswave on Nintendo Switch, so make sure you've pre-ordered your copy if you haven't already! You can find all the details below.



About the Iron Blood:




A military empire located in the middle of the Eurora continent, in which an aristocratic council takes on administrative duties.



Many excellent scientists are enlisted, and they've focused on the development of Siren technology. As a result, they outclass other nations in terms of AI controlled tech and biotechnology.



Their rigging, a concentration of their technology, are autonomous units mimicking living creatures. Though they can't speak, they have self-awareness, and are connected to their ship's consciousness.






A member of the Iron Blood whose nickname is "Zed." She's always looking for ways to improve herself, and she's also passionate about research. She's very critical of herself and others, but will always give praise to those who she deems as worthy. She's often found acting as a commander in battle. She was chosen to represent the Iron Blood in the Joint Military Exercise by her peers. She's doing her very best to rise to the occasion and lead her friends to victory.






Bismarck is the leader of the Iron Blood fleet, but she disappeared from the frontline after the official battle against Hood and Rodney of the Royal Navy. She's kept a watchful eye on the Sirens since they appeared, and was somehow able to gain access to the Siren's technology. She's calm and generally keeps to herself, so some mistake her as being cold-blooded, but, on the contrary, she is very passionate. She didn't want the Iron Blood to get involved with the Joint Military Exercise, but Kaga and Bismarck's younger sister convinced her to take part. What Bismarck will experience from the event is yet to be understood...



Prinz Eugen



An Iron Blood elite who knows her way around the advanced technology that her nation has researched. Her aura is seen as mature and alluring. Outside of missions, she is very free willed, making it hard to predict what she may be thinking in any moment. As soon as she engages in battle, however, she annihilates without mercy. It's hard to know why she thinks the way she does. Her older sister, Admiral Hipper, is always on her case. She joins the Joint Military Exercise to oversee Z23 and to ensure that their place in the world will not be marred by whatever is to come.




The "Commander's Calendar Edition" contains:


Azur Lane: Crosswave for Nintendo Switch™ 

Reversible Cover Sleeve 

12 page Art Desk Calendar

Collector's Box





The Switch version also adds the following:


Taihou and Formidable as playable characters (previously DLC for PS4/Steam versions)

Each character comes with 3 support characters and additional story content.

An updated Photo Mode where players can now choose up to 6 characters instead of 3, with extended camera angles!



About Azur Lane: Crosswave

In this high-octane 3D Action Shooter, historical battle ships come to 3D life with the help of the Unreal Engine! Control a fleet of cute, but devastating characters and bring any enemy to their knees! Newcomers and returning fans of Azur Lane can play in 4 game modes, including the 100+ battles of Extreme Battle Mode!
Will you be able to sail your fleet to victory, or will you sink into the ocean?