Azur Lane: Crosswave - Formidable Character DLC Details!

September 02, 2020

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Formidable Character DLC Details!

We're pleased to announce that the five new Azur Lane: Crosswave Character DLCs will be landing on October 5th! Each will be available to purchase individually, or you can get all five in a bundle pack with a 15% decrease on the overall price. 

You can visit all the individual Steam pages for the DLCs now (and don't forget to add them to your wishlist to be notified when they're released)!

Le Malin

Each of the 5 DLC unlocks: One Main playable character, 3 new support ships, and an additional Story Mode content for the Main playable character.




*Steam Screenshots shown 



Although abundant in her elegance, Formidable's days do not possess a similar grace. In fact, they seem quite boring lately.

One day, she joined Queen Elizabeth and they headed towards...
a cruise ship in the distance.

There, she reunited with Zara from the Sardegna Empire, but their joy was soon interrupted by an unusual occurrence...

The boat began to move on its own! Why did the boat start moving? Where is it going?

Will Formidable and the others be able to solve this strange and exciting mystery?

The Formidable DLC unlocks the following:

Main Ship (Playable):
• Formidable

Support Ships:
• Warspite
• HMS Neptune
• Zara

Story Mode:
• Formidable - Additional Story Mode Content