Introducing Ayanami, Illustrious, Akashi and Achilles from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

January 10, 2020

Introducing Ayanami, Illustrious, Akashi and Achilles from Azur Lane: Crosswave!

In Azur Lane: Crosswave, characters are broken down between playable characters and support. Support characters can join a player's fleet as AI using support skills and attacks during battle. Playable characters can act as your main fleet and/or support fleet.
Character breakdown:
  • Playable Characters: Can be controlled during battle.
  • Secretary Ship: Appears on main menus when not engaged in battle. Secretary Ship can be a playable character or support character. Having a ship as your secretary can lead to some interesting events to happen!
  • Support: Can be selected to assist in battle. When certain conditions are met, support characters can perform different support skills such as attacks, buffs, and heals. Playable characters can also be deployed as support characters, lending a different set of skills than if they were controlled.
We would like to introduce you to four characters this time!

Playable characters:

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Ayanami
One of the oldest and most powerful members of the Sakura Empire. Her battles are ruthless, akin to that of a demon god, but off the battlefield, she tends to be quiet and reclusive. She doesn't seem like she has any interest in anything, but when she does find something that catches her attention, she will pour her very best into it. She is currently training herself for the Joint Military Exercise.

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Illustrious
A member of the Royal Navy who carries herself with grace;
her countenance is one of a refined lady. Others may sometimes
view her as being a bit slow, but the fact is that she is always kind...
the total embodiment of a royal. She styles herself in accordance
to the historical nature of the vessel she represents with an
emphasis on her upper body, which captivates many who
lay their eyes upon her. She joins the Joint Military Exercise
as a proud member of Royal Navy, assisting her allies along
the way to victory.
Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support: 
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Akashi
A repair ship who displays cat-like features, such as playing with cat toys. Sometimes, many doubt themselves as to whether Akashi really is a cat. Despite her unique personality, she is the best mechanic Sakura Empire has to offer, and she provides technical support with her many interesting inventions. She also has a taste for money, and this talent shines through her business skills (which often blur the line of whether she's working for the Sakura Empire or herself). She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise as their announcer this time around.
Azur Lane: Crosswave - Character - Achilles
Achilles is a Leander-class light cruiser and a friend of Ajax. She seems absent-minded, but at the very least, she doesn't exhibit a sadistic nature like Ajax. She's surprisingly proactive, and decided to join the Joint Military Exercise with Ajax to help support her fellow sister cruisers.