Learn about the 4 game modes in Azur Lane: Crosswave

January 18, 2020

Learn about the 4 game modes in Azur Lane: Crosswave

In Azur Lane: Crosswave, there are four different modes a player can choose to play from - Story Mode, Extreme Battle Mode, Photo Mode, and Episode Mode.  

Secretary Ships

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Game Overview - Secretary Ship

Azur Lane: Crosswave allows Commanders to choose a Secretary Ship that talks and greets you right from the start! By setting your Secretary Ship, you can increase their affection. Once the ship's affection reaches the "Love" status, Commanders then have the opportunity to marry their favourite character! 


Story Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Suruga Shimakaze

The Story Mode contains an original story following the journey of two new Sakura Empire recruits, Shimakaze and Suruga. The story begins with all four Nations living harmoniously. Suddenly, a Joint Military Exercise was enacted causing all the Nations to train even harder than before. But all of the Nations began to question... how did this event come to be?

Players will travel on an Ocean Map, which changes each chapter, and can encounter various events, battles, and also items. Players will engage in 3 VS 3 battles and also experience conversation events that can be reviewed in the Gallery.

Through the 3 VS 3 battles, players can accumulate A Points which they can use to scout allies to create even more fleets!


Extreme Battle Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Extreme Battle Mode

Players can challenge themselves in Extreme Battle Mode as their fleets become stronger. The difficulty of the stages increase as players progress. Here players can fight powerful enemies and collect rare items. Some of these items can lead to very special events...

Can you build a fleet strong enough to clear the highest level stages?


Photo Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Photo Mode

A mode where you can take pictures of your favourite characters! You can place up to 3 characters on an open stage and have them pose as you'd like.Snap a pic and share it with the world! 


Episode Mode

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Episode Mode

Players can view hidden events that are unlocked through clearing certain criteria. Through these events, discover a new side to the 66 characters that appear in the game!