Iffy's News Flash #27

July 17, 2015

Hello everyone!
Amnesia: Memories will be the very first otome game that we have released, have you ever played one before? If you haven’t we’ll guide you through it! Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at Amnesia: Memories’ gameplay and the meaning behind otome games! 
Did you know that otome means little girl, young lady or maiden in Japanese? That is why otome games are typically targeted towards women and girls (don’t worry guys can play them too!) Otome games have many similarities with shoujo and josei manga, including, but not limited to, romance as a major theme. 
This is certainly true of Amnesia: Memories, where the heroine may choose to pursue a romantic interest from a wide cast of charismatic characters
At the beginning of the game, each possible selection of a romantic interest has its own distinct world. Because of this, you can enjoy separate storylines (commonly known as ‘routes’) immediately from the start.
The amnesiac heroine will have about a month, starting from the 1st of August, to regain her memories. She will investigate her past and her surrounding relationships, as well as attempt to interact with the man who is supposedly her boyfriend.
Before losing her memories, what kind of life did the heroine lead, and with which character...? Can she trust the people who appear before her...? Your progression through the mysteries of each story is completely different for each route.
In this situation, where you don't remember your relationships, your cell phone is an important source of information. There will be times when you will need to decide what course of action you will take in response to contents of a text from your boyfriend.
There exist three types of parameters in-game. They will increase or decrease depending on the heroine's choices; AffectionTrust and Suspicion.
Until she regains her memories, the heroine's choices will become her main way of asserting herself. Try to choose the best option by predicting the person's response and your relationship up to this point. It’s all up to you!