Neptunia™ Virtual Stars - VTuber Packs!

April 26, 2021

Neptunia™ Virtual Stars - VTuber Packs!



VTubers are invading Neptunia™ Virtual Stars! This week, we've got some details to share on the 20 - yes, that's right, 20 - VTuber DLC packs coming to both the Steam and PS4 versions of the game. 


The Steam DLCs will be launching this week, on April 29th, and are all 20% off for their first week of launch. The DLC will come to PS4 at a later date in the near future - stay tuned for further details on this. 


For now, read on to find out a little bit about the VTuber DLC packs and what they contain...





VTuber Packs (Steam/PS4)


  • Ileheart Pack​
  • Asano Sisters Project Pack​
  • Sifir Esirer Pack​
  • Medwin Toris Pack​
  • Asacre Peace Pack​
  • Iwasimiz Kotoko Pack
  • Inuyama Tamaki Pack​
  • Pinky Pop Hepburn Pack​
  • Akatsuki UNI Pack​
  • Todoki Uka Pack​
  • WACTOR Pack

  • Game Club Project Pack​
  • Aogiri High School Pack​
  • Maoh Magrona Pack​
  • Tomari Mari Pack​
  • Tenjin Kotone Pack
  • INSIDEChan Sisters Pack​
  • ReVdol! Pack​
  • Electronic Fairy Project x Kokounoakumu-Nightmare- Pack​
  • Hibiki Ao Pack




    ReVdol! Pack (Steam/PS4)


    • Gain items and accessories inspired by Vtuber group "ReVdol!".​
    • Themed recovery items x 50 (per Vtuber)​
    • Themed masks x 3 (per Vtuber)​
    • Themed accessories x 3 (per Vtuber)​
    • Special "X" Cube for each member of "ReVdol!"​​

    *In order to receive a Vtuber's Special "X" Cube, you need to have rescued the respective character first.




    Visit for more information on the game!



    Check out more details on the Limited and Day One Editions below:



    Price: £79.16 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)
    The Limited Edition includes:
    • PS4 Standard Edition Game / Steam Digital Code
    • Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case
    • Neptunia Virtual Stars Official Art Book
    • Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Soundtrack
    • Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Vinyl Soundtrack
    • Reversible Cover Sleeve
    • Collector's Box
    • Trading Card
    Price: £47.83 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)
    The Day One Edition Includes:
    • Neptunia™ Virtual Stars for the PlayStation®4 system
    • A2 Wall Double-Sided Poster
    • 8 Trading Cards
    • Sticker Sheet
    • Reversible Cover Sleeve
    • Collector's Box
    • Exclusive Trading Card