Neptunia ReVerse - Reel Big Fish!

June 04, 2021

Neptunia ReVerse - Reel Big Fish!


We understand that all Goddesses need to spend some time relaxing and unwinding from time to time - and what better way to do this than to chill out by the lake and catch some delicious fish?

Well, you can do just that in Neptunia ReVerse! Read out to find out more:


Neptunia ReVerse is an updated and enhanced version of Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Re;Birth1, originally released on the PlayStation Vita. It will be available on PlayStation 5 both physically and digitally on 11th June. 


Catch the Big One with Game Fishing!

 A realistic Fishing mini-game that utilizes the controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers! Catch the mysterious "GameFish" that look like game consoles, or fish up equipment! You can play both in Original and Arrange Mode!


Revisit the Classics!

You can view the original event text of the predecessor to Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, Hyperdimension Neptunia! Sub-events (excluding the DLC from the original game) are unlocked from the beginning! Search out the main game's event text through Game Fishing!


Find out more about the systems featured in Neptunia ReVerse on the game's website!


About the Game: 

Gamindustri – A distant world comprised of four nations, each under the divine protection of a Goddess. Planeptune: Land of Purple Progress, ruled by Neptune; Lastation: Land of Black Regality, ruled by Noire; Lowee: Land of White Serenity, ruled by Blanc; Leanbox: Land of Green Pastures, ruled by Vert.

Locked in the Console War, the four Goddesses vie for domination of the planet until Neptune is cast down and stripped of her power. Now Neptune must fight to restore her place, but could a being known as Arfoire threaten the very world the Goddesses have sworn to protect?




Price: £61.66 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)


The Neptunia™ ReVerse Limited Edition for PlayStation®5 includes:


Steel Game Case

Memorial Hardcover Art Book

Official Soundtrack

Double-Sided Poster

Sticker Set

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Collector's Box

Trading Card





Price: £45.83 (excludes VAT, Duties, Fees, Shipping)


Neptunia™ ReVerse Day One Edition for PlayStation®5 includes:


Neptunia™ ReVerse for PlayStation®5

8 Trading Cards

Sticker Sheet

A2 Poster

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Collector’s Box

Trading Card