Death end re;Quest DLC Round 2!

March 05, 2019

Hi everyone!

The second round of DLC for Death end re;Quest is available right now on the PlayStation Store! If you feel like an extra challenge you can download an extra dungeon and a hidden boss! Check out the rest of the DLC below:



Master Bundle

"Guard Bracelet, Lv. 5" x 3
"Brawn Ring" x 3
"Defense Ring" x 3


Hidden Boss

Special Quest - "Invite from Arata Mizunashi" - The quest can be accepted from the shop after completing Landor Cave after Chapter 9



Additional Dungeon: Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands


Glitch Weapon Set

Shina's "Idyll Slayer"
Lily's "Evil Glida"
Al's "Isu Crownill"
Clea's "Ephemeral Soul"
Lucil's "Defeatist"
Celica's "Dukanilcy


Maniac Set

"Mind of Steel" x 1
"Toxic Ring" x 1
"Nimble Ring" x 1
"Anti-seal Ring" x 1
"Zen Ring" x 1
"Anti-stun Ring" x 1


Alternate Outfit Bundle

Shina's Black Storm
Lily's Red Princess
Al's Pastel Fit
Clea's Purple Oni
Lucil's Galactic Chic
Celica's World Traveller