Neptune's Holiday Mug

Shipping Date: 13th December


Suddenly in a flash, Neptune heard from the rear,

The jumping and cheering of her dear sister Nepgear!

Neptune's wonder grew as she turned in surprise,

Nepgear held up a mug right before her very eyes!


On its front, a Paladin Nep design smiled wide,

"There's one for everyone," Nepgear cried!

Plutia, Uzume, and Umio jumped up,

They've always wanted a purple holiday cup!


Hot chocolate was brewed, marshmallows inside,

And of course there was pudding served as a side!


Nep raised her mug and exclaimed, with all of her might,

"Happy Iffydays to all, and to all a good night!"



Volume capacity: 16 oz.

Material: Ceramic

Type: Merchandise

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