Iffy's Holiday Ornament (2017)

‘Twas the night before Nep-mas

And holiday decor was in full swing,

Histoire was in a rush to make Planeptune bling!

When along came Neptune, seeking pudding galore

Paladin-form equipped, the one we all adore!


She proposed golden ornaments of Paladin Neptune wearing a smile,

a “Happy Iffydays 2017” on the other side, wishing cheer all the while.

But wait, how about this? A switch atop like a crown?

Turn it on, lights and snowflakes dance all around!


With this, Neptune can show off her protagonist power!

Get one for every Gamindustri citizen, Planeptune couldn’t be prouder!


*Batteries included


Box dimensions: L 3.5" H 4.5" W 3.5"


Ornament: 3" diameter