Goddess T-Shirt: White Heart

Goddess T-Shirt: White Heart

Beloved in all the snow-covered lands of Lowee and protector of her sisters, White Heart is the epitome of strength. The Goddess T-Shirt: White Heart will lend her strength to any who choose to proudly represent her nation.

Material: 100 % Cotton

T-Shirt Size Guide

 S  M  L  XL  XXL
 WIDTH  46cm  51cm  56cm  62cm  66cm
 LENGTH  70cm  72cm  75cm  77cm  80cm


Official game website http://ideafintl.com/nep-v2
Publisher Idea Factory International, Inc.
Copyright of the game © 2018 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART Neptunia is a trademark of IDEA FACTORY. Licensed to and published by Idea Factory International, Inc.

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