Chibi Neptunia Standees - Blind Set Of 3 - Neptunia 10th Anniversary

Shipping date: 30/09/2020

♫Happy Birthday, Neptunia!♫

It's time for a Nep-Nep birthday bash, and everyone's invited! Originally set to debut at Anime Expo 2020, now you can join all your favourite characters from the Neptunia series as they celebrate the Neptunia 10th Anniversary with all-new chibi designs! 

  • Includes 3 randomly selected character standees
  • All 3 characters will be unique -- no duplicates!
  • Chance to receive ULTRA RARE Gold Edition Older Neptune Standee (3% chance)! Pudding has never looked so tasty!  

Want just your Waifu? See all the individual Standees here! 

Can't decide? Why not get the FULL set!

*Gold Edition Older Neptune cannot be bought individually and is not packaged with the Full Set.

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