Nepu Nepu

Nepu Nepu Goddess Set (4):

  • Nepu Nepu Neptune
  • Nepu Nepu Noire
  • Nepu Nepu Blanc
  • Nepu Nepu Vert

Nepu Nepu Neptune
Cute, cuddly, and round like a balloon, introducing Nepu Nepu Neptune (complete with blue panties)! Now you can hold her in your palm! Just don't forget the pudding.
Size: 2"x2"x3"

Nepu Nepu Noire
Twintails and ribbons galore, here comes Nepu Nepu Noire! Regal and cute, she's 100% made out of goddess.
Size: 2"x2"x3"

Nepu Nepu Blanc
Quiet but with a temper like a bomb, meet Nepu Nepu Blanc! Don't remove her hat or look under her skirt or you might just pull her strings the wrong way.
Size: 2"x2.5"x3"

Nepu Nepu Vert:
An all-night gaming sesh might hurt, so come have some tea with Nepu Nepu Vert! Her luxirious blonde hair and bright green dress shines like no other. Place her on your shoulder as you play her most favorite BL games.
Size: 2"x2"x3"

Warning: This product is designed for ages 15 and up. Do not bleach. Pulling may cause smaller parts to become permanently detached. Do not place this product under direct sunlight or near heat as discoloration may occur. Product is flammable. Do not place near heat sources.

Type: Merchandise



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