MeiQ - Standard Edition

Release Date: 16th September 2016

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Game Description

First, the winds stopped. Then, birds vanished from the skies. Finally, the sun set...

And an eternal night fell upon the world.

The reason was quickly identified. It was a story told of in legends. The world had ceased hundreds of years ago as well. But there was a legendary mage who had managed to restart it.

Thus, elders gathered capable young Machina Mages from around the world. They sent them to the legendary city: Machina City, Southern Cross.

You must restart the world, and bring an end to this eternal night. That is your mission, and your destiny. Now, go forth on your journey. Go, Estra!

Key Features

Labyrinths of Possibility! Navigate challenging maps and puzzles in this first-person dungeon-crawler!

You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine! Pair your 3-person party with three different Guardians for a turn-based, dungeon-crawling battle system!

Advanced Robotics! Unique Guardian robots can be customized even further with different parts and crystals to enhance their abilities!

Elemental Enemies! Strategize attacks between your humans and Guardians and find the crack in your foe's armor by exploiting their elemental weakness!

Game Details:
Platform: PS Vita
Genre: Dungeon - Crawling RPG 
Publisher: Idea Factory International, Inc.
Developer: Idea Factory / Compile Heart
Release Date: 16th September 2016
PEGI Rating: 12
Language Audio: English & Japanese
Language Text: English
Region: PAL
Official Site:

Type: PS Vita



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