Death end re;Quest DLC Round 2!

Posted on March 05, 2019

Hi everyone!

The second round of DLC for Death end re;Quest is available right now on the PlayStation Store! If you feel like an extra challenge you can download an extra dungeon and a hidden boss! Check out the rest of the DLC below:



Master Bundle

"Guard Bracelet, Lv. 5" x 3
"Brawn Ring" x 3
"Defense Ring" x 3


Hidden Boss

Special Quest - "Invite from Arata Mizunashi" - The quest can be accepted from the shop after completing Landor Cave after Chapter 9



Additional Dungeon: Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands


Glitch Weapon Set

Shina's "Idyll Slayer"
Lily's "Evil Glida"
Al's "Isu Crownill"
Clea's "Ephemeral Soul"
Lucil's "Defeatist"
Celica's "Dukanilcy


Maniac Set

"Mind of Steel" x 1
"Toxic Ring" x 1
"Nimble Ring" x 1
"Anti-seal Ring" x 1
"Zen Ring" x 1
"Anti-stun Ring" x 1


Alternate Outfit Bundle

Shina's Black Storm
Lily's Red Princess
Al's Pastel Fit
Clea's Purple Oni
Lucil's Galactic Chic
Celica's World Traveller

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Death end re;Quest DLC Round 1!

Posted on February 26, 2019

Hi everyone!

You can get your hands on some FREE and PAID DLC for Death end re;Quest right now on the PlayStation Store, including a secret dungeon called Godot Ruins and an extra quest called Charitable Work! Check the rest out below:



Beginner Bundle

"Code Salve" x 20
"High-Elf Draught" x 20
"Ogre Cold Brew" x 20


Advanced Bundle

"Code Salve2.0" x 20
"Enolef's Ether" x 20
"Ultra Ogre Brew" x 20



Additional Dungeon: Godot Ruins, the Phantom Abyss


Treasure Trove

Bug Tentacles, Bug Wings, Bug Exuvia, Red Fruit, Odd Flower, Dew Drop, Ring Fragment, Palace Brick, Heartis Gold, Spiderweb, Sturfil Ore, Battleship Gear, Gowen Grass, Odd Candlelight, Godot Relic, Elven Dust, Ancient Branch, Elf's Heart, Sanatheus Stone, Sanatheus Ironware, Sanatheus Jewel, Crimson Ash, Scarlet Dragonscale, Blaze Stone, Marble, Stardust, "Golden Mirror" x99


Panacea Set

"Patch4.0" x 99
"Code Salve2.0" x 80
"Colde Salve222.0" x 50


Boost Set

"High-Elf Tonic" x 99
"High-Elf Draught" x 80
"Enolef's Ether" x 50


Resurrection Set

"Ultra Ogre Brew" x 99
"Panacea" x 99
"Panacea Code" x 50


Additional Quest: Charitable Work

Early Bird Special

Additional Accessory: Mr Baller


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Pre-Order Death end re;Quest™ for EXCLUSIVE Bonus Weapon DLC!

Posted on February 13, 2019

Hey everyone!

There's two sets of bonus weapon DLC, but the one you receive depends on where you pre-ordered your copy of Death end re;Quest.

If you pre-order the Standard or Limited Edition from Iffy's European Online Store you'll receive three bonus weapon DLC featuring Lily's Atomic Spray, Clea's Mach Raid and Celica's Venus Blade!


If you pre-order the Digital version from the PlayStation Store you'll receive three bonus weapon DLC featuring Shina's Bug Swatter, Al's Drill Trap and Lucil's Mosquito Coil!

A release schedule for all upcoming FREE and Paid DLC coming soon!

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